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May 2014 - Alain Krief, director of Fixed Income Strategy at Oddo Asset Management, discusses the environment for fixed income and his investment outlook with the Spanish publication Estrategias de Invesion A wide range of topics are covered, from the position of the ECB, to the recent focus on the corporate debt market, and the future of volatility in the coming year.


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 Interview of philippe Oddo


Philippe Oddo - Managing Partner - presents the group Oddo & Cie, its culture and on-going projects to Bluerating, an financial italian newspaper. 


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             09/09/2014 - TEN STOCKS TO PLAY IN H2

Faced with downside risks, the ECB has responded on an enormous scale, laying a solid foundation for growth in 2015. Will this be enough to provide support for the markets? Our convictions for H2 are Airbus, Dassault Systèmes, ING, Imerys, Publicis, RD Shell, Sanofi, Siemens, Téléperformance and Valeo.




In recent years, the EU has not experienced prosperity and EMU has been synonymous with crisis. As a result, a heterogenous but increasingly powerful movement is calling for all or part of the European project to be rejected.




For the past 15 years, new information and communication technologies have revolutionised our way of working,our consumption habits and our relationships with one another. Oddo Securites has identified a basket of 20 French stocks whose cutting-edge digital strategies will afford them a lasting competitive advantage.

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Oddo Securities' equity-research department is the first to have created a formal analysis and evaluation model of the quality of management.

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             14/04/2014 - ODDO BANQUE PRIVEE APP (video in french)

Oddo Banque Privée extends its privileged relationships with clients via the internet with its account management app for smartphone and tablet.

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 Oddo Asset Management Investment Strategy

Q1 2014 – One thing is certain: central banks remain at the helm of the global recovery in 2014. 
Oddo Asset Management takes a look back on 2013, and explains the market scenario and macroeconomic outlook for the first quarter of 2014.
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Over the past decade, the global economy has been a difficult patient for doctors responsible for its health. An addiction to steroids gave way to a severe depression, followed by a long and troublesome convalescence. The patient is now showing signs of hypothermia. In a word, inflation is too low.

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Guide for 2014 : Global economic overview, policy-mix, elections...

the year ahead 2014



NOVEMBER 2013: A report card for eurozone countries 

As the eurozone is emerging from recession, we would like to be able to tell how each country stands in comparison with: a) the long-term economic equilibrium; b) its pre-crisis situation; c) the performance of its neighbours. Here are the results…


From Bruno Cavalier, Head of Macroeconomy, Oddo Securities



JUNE 2013: France… somewhere between core and periphery

An economic outlook from Bruno Cavalier, Head of Macroeconomy, Oddo Securities


Cours du CAC 40
Variation EUR/CHF 1.21 +0.01 %
Variation EUR/GBP 0.79 +0.39 %
Variation EUR/JPY 139.42 -0.26 %
Variation EUR/USD 1.29 +0.18 %

Top Gainers/Losers
En baisse SOCIETE GENERALE 40.14 € -1.75 %
En baisse VALEO 91.28 € -1.79 %
En baisse MICHELIN 76.37 € -1.89 %
En baisse VEOLIA ENVIRON. 13.83 € -1.99 %
En baisse RENAULT 57.72 € -2.38 %