Make every day
an opportunity

ODDO BHF, make every day an opportunity

When Camille Gautier became a stockbroker in Marseille back in 1849, he started an entrepreneurial adventure that would continuously reaffirm itself over the generations. Negotiating on behalf of investors, he laid the foundations for what our Group would become: an independent player in finance, characterized by its drive and undivided attention to its clients, day after day.

We are fortunate to have more than 60,000 clients, institutional investors, companies, distribution partners and large private clients whose financial assets we advise, manage, and invest for a total amount of 142 billion euros. Our mission is to grow these assets through our three businesses: private banking, asset management, corporate and investment banking.

Family to family, entrepreneur to entrepreneur, investor to investor, we speak the same language. Deeply rooted in Europe, we aim to promote our expertise throughout the world. We develop tailor-made financial products and services, drawing on the depth of our know-how and the quality of our network. Driven by the same entrepreneurial spirit, our 2,500 employees provide our clients with unwavering attention and commitment, building with them a close, trusting, and long-lasting relationship.

We are committed to attracting and retaining talent by offering them the opportunity to become shareholders of the Group, alongside the founding family. Together, they own 90% of the share capital. We aim to align our interests and values with those of our clients and partners, as we design for them responsible solutions in line with their aspirations and those of our societies.

Our promise: to promote, together, a world where every day is an opportunity.

Key Figure

142 €bn

client assets under management

170 years

of history



2 500

employees worldwide


of the capital is held by the Oddo family


Talent at the heart of our strategy

If you wish to give your career a new dimension in an environment focused on learning and that is open to the world, we are always searching for talent in all activity sectors.

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