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ODDO BHF Live 2022: Replay Investment Brief

ODDO BHF1 Minute

Make 2022 an opportunity

2021 has been a bumpy ride for investors with concerns on recurring uncertainties caused by the new Covid variants affecting the economy. However, it paid off for investors who have kept their nerve and seized opportunities. The year ahead has two main talking points: inflation and rising interest rates. Which impact of these macro points on the financial markets, which positioning should investors favor in 2022?

Watch the replay of the Investment Brief presented at ODDO BHF Live where Bruno Cavalier decrypts the macro economic environment and Laurent Denize explains the consequences on the financial markets and our convictions for 2022.






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A complex equation Market Outlook 5/11/2022

A complex equation

Investors are faced with a dilemma: lower the level of risk again in line with the deterioration of the global economy in a market that has already corrected by nearly 15% or rebalance equities by favouring the results of companies that are currently solid but potentially at risk.

Should central bankers be torched? Economic Perspective 5/11/2022

Should central bankers be torched?

In the space of 15 years, central bankers have gone from being the demigods who solved the inflation problem once and for all to embodying the culprits of the biggest price surge since the 1970s.

Focus on: Artificial Intelligence: Is it a game changer? Finance Forward 5/11/2022

Focus on: Artificial Intelligence: Is it a game changer?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a buzzword across our daily lives. Researchers and businesses alike now explore the potential of smart algorithms, powered by machine learning, to change the way we live, work and play.