Alert on fraudulent use of the ODDO BHF identity

We have noted a multiplication of fraud attempts in which the name ODDO BHF is likely to be used. This is particularly the case for Portuguese-language websites that usurp ODDO BHF SE identity to invite you to make a payment. We would like to inform you that these websites are not legitimate and have been created by fraudsters. We therefore urge you to be extremely vigilant.

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of any documents or solicitations, please do not hesitate to contact your usual contacts directly or to contact us at +33 1 44 51 85 00.

Independent Financial Advisors

Client of an ODDO BHF IFA? Access your online space ODDO BHF IFA partner? Access your extranet

Offers & services

When you become a Partner of our platform, we offer you the possibility of:

Having exclusive access to products with high added value:

  • For life insurance, deferred profit participation, guaranteed income for life, deferred capital, etc.

    We offer you contracts that have been developed with large insurance groups (Allianz, AG2R La Mondiale, Generali, Swiss Life) and are innovative and adapted to your estate planning needs, in particular:

    • A unique contract with deferred profit participations, offering a monthly securitisation of the capital gains of the account units and a reduced tax base for buybacks for 8 or even 16 years, thanks to the profit participation mechanism;

    • A life insurance contract with an "income for life" option that allows you to optimise your assets and your income: by triggering this option, your client benefits from a retirement supplement paid in the form of partial buybacks and then an annuity.

    • Products designed to solve specific issues: Preparing for retirement, optimising taxes, making financial investments with lower costs, managing a corporate cash flow, investing for a family estate holding, and implementing an employee savings plan are just some of the issues we can help you with, through suitable products and services.

  • Real estate in private equity and exclusively via the SCI Allianz Value Pierre

  • Structured products: a platform – ODDO BHF Derivatives Solutions – is available, with the option of establishing dedicated structured products

  • Private equity: secondary market funds, private debt funds, etc.

Benefiting from dedicated services

  • Assignment of a commercial contact person and a commercial advisor

In order to facilitate our relationship, we suggest that you be served by a commercial manager close to your office as well as a dedicated commercial advisor, who will be able to answer any and all of your operational questions.

  • Expertise of the ODDO BHF Group in asset management

Our proximity with the management teams allows us to be very responsive and provide you with many tools: analyses, investment strategies, asset allocation examples, etc.

  • Wealth engineering

Our legal and fiscal manager will assist you with any issues, especially those regarding the transfer of businesses, with a strong level of expertise for the Asset-Liability Guarantee: participation in the drawing-up of the cession project, implementation of the counter-guarantee, etc.

Using our digital tools to efficiently manage your portfolio

  • Dedicated partner extranet

You have the access codes for our Partner Extranet, which provides you with a detailed view of your portfolio, the option of downloading all the documentation related to our products and your invoices, of executing operations online, and of carrying out simulations.

  • Online proceedings (subscription, payment, arbitration, buyback, etc.)

We have developed a broad range of online deeds with the intention of saving time and reducing the number of instances. You thus have the option of handling your subscriptions, voluntary payments, arbitrations, partial buybacks and address changes online via the Partner Extranet. You can also access our "clean shares" model (exclusive consulting remuneration model with clean share units).

  • Simulators (fund performance, retirement, contracts, costs and fees, etc.)

We provide you with several simulators in order to help you estimate the performance of a portfolio, the behaviour of our deferred profit participation contracts and income for life option, the pension paid out at the beginning of retirement, etc. Cost and fees simulators have also been developed as part of the MIFID II regulations, providing you with the possibility of estimating the fees related to an investment and submitting the corresponding reports to your client.