Alert on fraudulent use of the ODDO BHF identity

We have noted a multiplication of fraud attempts in which the name ODDO BHF is likely to be used. This is particularly the case for Portuguese-language websites that usurp ODDO BHF SE identity to invite you to make a payment. We would like to inform you that these websites are not legitimate and have been created by fraudsters. We therefore urge you to be extremely vigilant.

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of any documents or solicitations, please do not hesitate to contact your usual contacts directly or to contact us at +33 1 44 51 85 00.

Corporate Banking

Offers & services

Corporate banking

  • Solutions for individually structured loans, syndicated loans, bank guarantees and letters of credit

  • Daily management and liquidity planning for the medium and long term

  • Payment solutions and cash flow management solutions

  • Flexible hedging strategies for managing interest rates and currency risks

Consulting services

  • Advice for the purchase/sale of companies as well as for capital market transactions (equity and debt capital)

  • Equities, bonds, selected funds and forward operations as investment options