Independent French-German player

ODDO BHF is an independent French-German financial group, created from a French family company and a German bank specialised in the Mittelstand.

The Group pursues a dynamic, Franco-German development strategy. The goal is to become one of the leading financial service providers in the Eurozone.

Why this strategy ?

  • It is explained by the role of Germany and France as key players in the Eurozone. Together, Germany and France account for 60% of market capitalisation and 50% of exports.
  • The Franco-German roots set ODDO BHF apart from its competitors. Through European-oriented growth, most recently in Switzerland, the bank offers its clients the best of "made in Germany", "made in France" and "made in Switzerland".
France and Tunisia employees 1,200 Germany and Switzerland employees 1,300

French-German governance

The Franco-German management of the business and support units enriches the range of services we offer our clients and fosters the exchange of information between our teams. Our Franco-German employees help us to fulfill our clients’ expectations in any location with specialist knowledge and expertise.